Akc vs Bought By Many

Compare AKC and Bought By Many pet insurance providers to make an informed decision for your dog's needs.


When it comes to choosing the right pet insurance for your dog, it's important to consider all the options available. In this article, we will compare two popular pet insurance providers: AKC and Bought By Many. By understanding the similarities and differences between these two providers, you can make an informed decision that best suits your dog's needs.

Coverage Details

AKC Pet Insurance

AKC pet insurance offers comprehensive coverage for your furry friend. Their plans can cover up to 90% of unexpected veterinary costs once you have met your chosen deductible. They also offer optional add-ons to cover services such as spaying and neutering. However, it's important to note that dental illness coverage is limited to $1,000 per year, and extractions related to accidental injury are the only dental procedures covered.

Bought By Many Pet Insurance

Bought By Many is a one-stop pet health and wellness company for dogs and cats. They offer affordable coverage with no limits, no fees, and no surprises. Their plans provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of veterinary treatments and services. Unlike AKC, Bought By Many does not limit dental coverage and offers coverage for all dental procedures.


In conclusion, both AKC and Bought By Many offer pet insurance coverage for dogs. While AKC provides coverage specifically tailored to accidental injuries and limited dental illness, Bought By Many offers more comprehensive coverage with no limits or fees. Ultimately, the best choice will depend on your dog's specific needs and your budget. By considering the coverage details and factors of both providers, you can make an informed decision and ensure that your furry friend is protected.

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