Akc vs Pawp Pet Insurance

Compare AKC Pet Insurance and Pawp Pet Insurance to make an informed decision about pet insurance for dogs


Pet insurance is an important consideration for dog owners, as it provides financial protection in case of unexpected medical expenses. In this article, we will compare two popular pet insurance providers, AKC Pet Insurance and Pawp Pet Insurance, to help dog owners make an informed decision. We will examine the coverage options, pricing, reimbursement process, and customer reviews for each provider.

Coverage Options

AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage for dogs, including optional exam fee coverage. This coverage reimburses the cost of exam and office visit fees, even for costly emergency and specialist visits. With AKC Pet Insurance, you can also add coverage for genetic conditions and hereditary diseases. This ensures that your dog is protected from a wide range of medical conditions.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp Pet Insurance offers an alternative to traditional pet insurance. Instead of a comprehensive coverage plan, Pawp provides coverage for one emergency visit per year for up to six pets in your household. While this may not cover all the medical expenses for your dog, it can provide financial relief in case of emergencies.

Pricing and Reimbursement Process

AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Insurance offers competitive pricing and a straightforward reimbursement process. The pricing varies based on factors like your dog's age, breed, and location. You can easily request reimbursement for covered expenses by submitting a claim online. AKC Pet Insurance reimburses for exam fees at primary care veterinarians, emergency hospitals, and specialty clinics, even if no treatment is provided.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp Pet Insurance follows a different pricing model compared to traditional pet insurance providers. Instead of charging a per-pet premium, Pawp offers a flat subscription fee of $24 per month for all memberships. This makes it an affordable option for dog owners with multiple pets. However, it's important to note that Pawp's coverage is limited to one emergency visit per year.

Customer Reviews

AKC Pet Insurance

AKC Pet Insurance has received positive customer reviews, particularly for its exceptional customer service. They provide 24/7 vet support and have been highly rated on TrustPilot.

Pawp Pet Insurance

Pawp Pet Insurance has garnered attention for its unique approach to customer reviews. They encourage customers to share their feedback, both positive and negative, and even offer incentives for reviews. Pawp strives to address negative reviews promptly, aiming to reply within two weeks.


Both AKC Pet Insurance and Pawp Pet Insurance have their strengths and limitations. AKC Pet Insurance offers comprehensive coverage options and competitive pricing, making it a reliable choice for dog owners. On the other hand, Pawp Pet Insurance provides an affordable alternative with coverage for emergency visits. Ultimately, the decision depends on your specific needs and preferences as a dog owner. Make sure to carefully assess the coverage options, pricing, and customer reviews of each provider before making a decision.

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