Trupanion vs Petsecure

Compare Trupanion and Petsecure, two popular pet insurance providers for dogs. Learn about their coverage options, benefits, and limitations.

Pet Insurance for Dogs

Insurance Providers

When it comes to pet insurance providers, Trupanion and Petsecure are two popular options to consider.

Trupanion is a medical insurance company that offers coverage for both cats and dogs. Their policies are not categorized as traditional pet insurance, but rather as medical insurance for pets.

What sets Trupanion apart is their exceptional coverage options and benefits. With a Trupanion policy, all pets are covered under one simple plan that includes unexpected injuries and illnesses. They reimburse at 90% and never impose payout limits, providing peace of mind to pet owners.

On the other hand, Petsecure is a pet insurance provider that offers coverage specifically for dogs. Their plans come in two tiers - Secure 1 and Secure 2. Both plans cover 80% of eligible expenses, including exam fees and taxes. The coverage limit for each plan is $1,000 per accident.

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